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Macro Photography Can Make the Sale

Macro photography is an extremely close up photo, usually of very small object, in which an object in the photograph is made to look larger than life size. At Ortery Technologies, we often see our clients use our solutions to show immense details of their products. This ranges from jewelry pieces, gemstones, forensic science samples, product evaluation, food, and small electrical or technical items.

For large objects and items where the minute details are not critical to an e-commerce sale, companies can create excellent product shots with a stock lens. The camera is able to record a sharp image by adjusting the lens to sensor distance to attain precise focus. Essentially, the lens is positioned at a minimum lens to sensor distance, then to capture sharp images of up close objects the lens-to-sensor distance is increased. In macro photography, a macro lens is used to obtain sharp images of small objects by positioning the camera very close to the object and dramatically increasing the lens to sensor distance.

The best macro photography results require that you use the following to gain optimal image sharpness and depth of field.

With a digital SLR camera, use an appropriate Macro lens for the job – 50mm, 60mm, 100mm or other.

Set your Camera to the smallest lens aperture to permit in as much light as possible.

Use a white or light gray backdrop of your product to give your photographs a clean and consistent look and to eliminate distractions.

Image stabilization. This applies to the product and camera. First, the product needs to have a stable platform for the product to be on. The camera should be stand or a tripod.

Using soft natural lighting makes for beautiful product photos


The description box on a web site may do a good job of describing what the product is, but it does not provide the visual aid buyers are looking for. Macro photography provides the viewer the details they are looking for. A consumer will know what they are purchasing and can get the feeling of what the product really looks like without having it in hand. This truly benefits those who want to give buyers the opportunity to purchase without coming to a physical location. Also, for online retailers this is the perfect solution to all those who are hesitant to buy because they feel like once they get the product at home it will, «just not look like it did online». You must think of it as if, you are enhancing the consumers experience by giving them what they are looking for.

Ortery Technologies routinely supplies companies with solutions that allow them to capture professional close-up photographs with a macro lens in a repeatable, efficient manner. Many of the solutions feature remote camera control software, focus stacking abilities, pictures with pure white backgrounds, stable shooting environments and personal guidance on which camera and lens to use. For eCommerce product photography adopting the right technology can help improve the service you offer and increase sales.