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Do You Have What It Takes For Product Photography

Producing high-quality images for your business requires a lot of work and skill. There are obvious variables such as the type of tools you use or the amount of talent or knowledge that you have. Let’s review them to see what you are in for.

The Right Tools

First off you need the right tools. We have mentioned in several of our previous blog post that this is the key to it all. Having the right equipment matters when it comes to getting the best shot – easily. This goes for amateur and professionals. Having the right lens, light sources, reflectors, turntable and a clutter free background can help you achieve a good shot. Remember the camera cannot do magic on its own. It is simply a tool in the mix of all that you need.

Editing Software

Having the right equipment can certainly reduce or even eliminate editing, however editing can always be used to add ‘feel’ to a picture and make it ‘pop’. Ideally, your editing software is part of the photography process and not a stand-alone application. While Photoshop can do incredible things, in the day to day grind of eCommerce photography speed and the ability to re-use editing presets are also extremely valuable.


Knowledge about photography is never-ending. When it comes to photography, anyone interested should take the time to learn the basics of their light and camera. There are several resources you can turn to on the Web such as blog articles, YouTube videos and online classes. Learn aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, sensor size and all of their side effects. It will help you to know what to do in any given situation to achieve a worthy photograph.

I am sure this sounds complicated. Which it is! Repeatedly taking excellent product shot is not only talent but a true science. Yet, if there were a way to make it easier and faster would you think it was worth it? Ortery Technologies has taken the guessing game out of it. No need to build a science experiment out of it. Our solutions eliminate the variables and provide a streamlined workflow with three easy steps:

  1. Set
  2. Snap
  3. Save

Contact us to learn more. See how Ortery has revolutionized product photography and how we can help you build a simple workflow that accelerates and meets your business photography needs; including taking pictures that have a pure white background for selling on