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Dynamic Imaging and Rich Media: The Future of Ecommerce

Year after year online retailers continue to see steady growths in sales as consumers benefit from shopping at home. From beating crowds and saving money on sales tax, to uncovering hard-to-find items and greatly discounted products only available online. In fact, in a recent study done by, more than half of consumers interviewed anticipated purchasing gifts online during the holidays. Further research showed a considerable increase in pre-purchase research conducted by consumers compared to last year. In fact according to Internet retailer, consumers are already off to a rapid start this holiday season with online retailers registering 11.4% growth from Oct. 31 through Nov. 13, a significant uptick in ecommerce growth after year-over-year increases in the 7-8% range. What does this mean for online retailers? Mostly that whether you’re a cyber distributor or a product manufacturer, you’re merchandise will be seen online first, and purchase will be based on product presentation. According to an article on, 67% of consumers are put off purchasing when there is no image, 58% by low quality images, and 30% are deterred when there is only one product photo. In addition to having eye pleasing images, 52% of consumers preferred to be able to zoom in on images, 41% wanting to see 360-degree image rotations of fashion, and 37% of technology products. These figures demonstrate the increasing importance of dynamic imaging and rich media in ecommerce. The ability to stand out to consumers, grab interest, and offer a sense of interaction, all of these things give shoppers more confidence to buy. And, as more online retailers enter a rapidly growing market and competition increases, it is especially vital for web based business to maintain a competitive edge with dynamic and rich media product shots that will increase sales and lower returns. Come see how Ortery Technologies imaging tools can help you more effectively communicate your products with your customers and increase web traffic and sales.