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Ecommerce Business Automation Featuring Jasper

Jasper Studios recently hosted an eCommerce event in Toronto to showcase partners they have worked with to create their new SAAS System that can be used by any eCommerce business.

Jasper stated, «As our proud HD and 360° product photography partner, Ortery Technologies has been working with Jasper Studios since 2012 and has supplied equipment to our clients that has been running for years without failure. In a record case, producing more than 14,000 quality HD product photos and 3D product views.»

When Ortery first connected with Jasper Studios, there was an immediate understanding and demand for the product photography automation solutions Ortery was offering. The idea that any employee, regardless of photography experience, could use an all-in-one photography system to take, edit if needed, and upload web-ready images to a website was exactly what Jasper Studios was looking for. By offering a reliable photography solution, Jasper Studios was able to give time back to the clients they serviced allowing them focus on what matters most.

Over the years, Jasper Studios has redefined the way companies can succeed in eCommerce. They highlight their ability to create ‘recipes’ for automating workflows and «developing lasting and valuable capital assets by helping organizations invest in systems and automation.»

«Jasper Studios is leading the way for companies to best utilize the technologies that currently exist for making eCommerce run smoothly and profitably» said Sam Shearer, Managing Director Ortery Technologies, Inc. «We are happy Ortery has a role in their insight and implementation.»

Today, many business owners are in need of a way to make their workflow actually work for them. They need something that helps their company grow, finding new ways to sell their products, and broaden their customer base. Yet they are not able to do so since they lack the structure needed. Time is essentially wasted on things that can be streamlined. Of course, there are many potential avenues for achieving growth, and each business needs to assess its own business model and determine its own path. Ortery and Jasper Studios have provided multiple ecommerce businesses, regardless of size, with the right tools to take their business to the next level.