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Flat Fashion Photography is Quickly Becoming an Ecommerce Standard

If you’re in fashion photography, then you’ve stylized a mannequin before… put a pin here, fold the fabric there. It requires at least two people, time and an eye for every detail. However, in the fast paced world of ecommerce, the mannequin’s days may be numbered.


For example, in an effort to ‘clean up’ their site and make the shopping experience more ‘consistent’ Amazon introduced a clothing style guide. The guide that lists the rules regarding product photography on, clearly states that «Product images photographed on a mannequin» are prohibited. Furthermore, images must have a pure white background (hex color code #ffffff).

For multichannel merchants planning their photography strategy, knowing these rules from the beginning is important, because re-shooting is never a good option. For these reasons and more, companies have been adopting flat fashion photography solutions. Ortery Technologies has been ahead of the game and have made shooting items on a flat surface with a ClothingPad or ClothingPad Mini fast and easy. Here is an video about the process:

Taking good quality pictures of clothing can be tricky. Figuring out the best way to display the clothing, meet the guidelines of various ecommerce site, your company’s style guide, or aim for consistency are all factors to take into consideration in fashion photography. To make things easier Ortery has noticed their clients are leaning towards flat photography.