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Google Analytics for eCommerce—What Key Features of eCommerce Business You Need to Know

Through Google analytics, sites are able to have detailed statistics of their site’s traffic as well as traffic sources and then measure its conversations and sales. It is the most used website statistic service because it is very useful when tracking visitors of websites from all referrers, which include search engines, direct visits, referring sites and social networks. Apart from that, Google Analytics is also able to track email marketing, displays of advertising, pay-per-click networks and even links within PDF documents.


Google Analytics for eCommerce reporting is one of the many features of Google Analytics. It is very useful in tracking sales activity and performance. It also has the ability to show the site’s transactions, revenue as well as many other commerce-related metrics that are needed to track the leads and traffic of the site. Google Analytics is a great help for eCommerce businesses since with their real time analytics of leads and traffic of one’s site, the owner is able to see exactly the progress of his business and then do what is necessary to improve the site’s service based on the report of Google Analytics.

With the help of Google Analytics, site owners are able to improve the key features of their ecommerce site which is essential to turn visitors into customers. Through Google Analytics, owners are able to overcome the many challenges of an eCommerce site. Once these challenges are overcome, it will be what will drive visitors to the site, which will then become loyal customers.

One of the most important elements of an eCommerce site that is always overlooked is the product page. As the part of the site where products are displayed, it must the part that is improved in order to successfully drive customers to your site. Here are some of the important features that your eCommerce product page must have.

  1. Quality image — although it is important that in the product page there is a detailed description of your product, the visual of your product is also significant. People, customers, are more drawn to images instead of boring texts and it is the image that people see first. As such, it is important that your product page must contain a quality image of your products.
  2. Alternate display views — the quality of the image of your product is important, but displaying it in different angles proves to have a better effect in attracting customers. As people would want to see what they are buying, providing them with a better view of your product helps them decide and shows that you care for their needs. It is also great if your product has a zoom feature, so your customers can clearly see what they are buying.
  3. Live chat — live chat is especially useful when you are closing a sale. It will also help put your customers at ease since they can actually see and talk to a person about the product that he/she will be purchasing from your site.
  4. Product demos through videos — use of videos for your product demonstration is also a great way of attracting purchasers. Aside from pictures, people are more inclined when watching a video since they can practically see what they can expect from your product. This is a great way to explain and educate your customers about your product and possibly turn them into customers.

These are only some of the key features that your eCommerce site must have. Of course, the content of your site is very important as well as other features such as customer reviews, keywords, and proper content. Through this way, you get to build a digital relationship with your customers that make them feel like they get to virtually try out the product out.

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