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Lotus Jewelry Studio Finds Success with Ortery

Quite often Ortery receives an inspiring email from a customer who’s used our product photography solutions to grow their small business. We are honored to be a part of so many success stories and are reminded of our mission to provide efficient and cost effective solutions for producing professional quality images. The following interview highlights path to success with Lotus using Ortery 3D PhotoBench 60.

In 2007, Courtney and Erik Legenhausen founded Lotus Jewelry Studio. The Baltimore based husband and wife started the business with the mission of producing beautifully handcrafted pieces for the everyday woman. From humble beginnings of working out of their home basement as newlyweds, the Legensausen’s have gone on to expand Lotus Jewelry Studios to a 2,000 sq. ft. facility with a handful of employees and distribution to hundreds of retailers internationally. Ortery Technologies recently sat down with co-founder Erik Legenhausen to find out more about the important role product photography has played in their expansion.

Ortery: Describe your workflow before using Ortery product photography Equipment:
Erik: We struggled with photos. We would either hire a pro or try to set up an outside photo tent but never had the results we were looking for. As the industry changes all our competitors are beginning to use floating images (pure white background). With all our images in compositional formats (with varied backgrounds and props) we were looking dated.


What was the average time spent on product photography before using the 3D PhotoBench 60?
It took us forever, just to get an average shot.

What did you want to accomplish?
We were reshooting our entire 1400 piece product line for a brand new website launch. We needed pure white background images that have proved to increase online sales and accurately display our jewelry.

Roughly how many products have you shot with the 3D PhotoBench 60?
We have taken about 1400 images so far in just about a week or two. We found it much easier to make it a two person job. One person operating the computer and camera while the other preps the next product. When we started to really get comfortable each piece could take as little as 30 seconds, this includes editing. Sometimes for certain items, a few minutes of setup’s required but the photography and editing using the PhotoBench software is a breeze.


How many images do you shoot of each product? One single product view online or multiple?
For now one shot of each product just to get the site up and running. Unless we needed a top shot and a front shot…then two. We also took a shot of each color option etc. In the future we will add additional pictures.

Did the 3D PhotoBench 60 product photography studio reduce or eliminate the time needed to edit the images?
We used to import pictures into Photoshop and pay our designer to edit. It has eliminated this and allowed her to focus on real graphic design.

Were you able to create professional pictures with the system?
Yes, it is absolutely amazing! We feel like our website and pictures are right up there with the big online retailers…ie: Amazon, Zappos, Endless Etc. After a slight learning curve it is so easy. I have zero experience with photography and was able to take all the pics. I used a low wage employee to help me set up each shot but I took all the images.

Have you ever required tech support from Ortery? If so, what was your experience?
Quick and helpful. One hour of free training came with the system, however the majority of the learning came from daily use and trial and error.

How does the workflow of the Photobench 60 product photography studio compare to your previous setup?
There isn’t any comparison. Ortery provides us the best and only way to make a easy and fast workflow to get our inventory online. The system has already paid for itself in time savings and the professional online presence it gives us. We hope that with the increased online sales the system will actually generate revenue not just pay for itself!

Would you recommend this equipment to others?
In a heartbeat and we already have.