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One Product Photo, Many Benefits

When a company creates a good product photo, that photo can pay for itself over and over in many different ways. But how easy is it to create a professional quality result? Ortery’s unique approach to business photography utilizes a digital camera, DSLR remote capture software and a photography light box. This self-contained unit provides professional lighting and a simple workflow anyone can use to take professional-quality images. Simply place an object inside the photography light box. Through the DSLR remote capture software, users enjoy a live preview on their monitor screen then pre-crop the object in the live-view window and hit Snap in the software. The product photo is taken and automatically transferred to the monitor screen for viewing, annotating, emailing, editing and/or batch saving.

Ortery has made their Photosimile photography light box systems so simple that literally anyone can use it to create powerful images with an endless amount of applications.

One good product photo can be used for everything:

As the diagram above points out, the same picture captured and processed using Photosimile DSLR remote capture software can be used for many applications. The value of that product photo multiplies when the image is shared with downstream channel partners for their websites and marketing materials. On the other hand, a bad or mediocre picture can have an equally large negative effect.

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