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Ortery Capture Software Released!

Ortery Releases New Product Photography Software for Windows and Mac

ortery capture software release photosimile 220 now mac compatible

Irvine, CA, May 14th, 2018, Ortery Technologies announces the launch of its latest product photography software, Ortery Capture. Designed specifically for use with one of Ortery’s product photography studios, 360 turntables or 3D devices, Ortery Capture software features hundreds of new features and workflows that assist professional, catalog and eCommerce product photographers in taking better product shots faster.

The Ortery Capture software controls the user’s entire product photography workflow. By simultaneously controlling the settings for lighting, a 360 turntable and a compatible Canon or Nikon SLR camera, users can see a live preview of what is in front of the camera to compose and capture professional still, 360 and 3D product shots.

ortery capture release new UI fast processing image capture software

Ortery Capture surpasses its predecessors in ease of use, efficiency and features. It takes aim at full autonomy with respect to image capture, editing and saving and allows the user to do more with the pictures they take.

In addition to cross platform support and expanded camera compatibility, several new features including a new user interface with dual screen support, a real-time camera connection manager, enhanced batch editing and image processing and streamlined workflows that memorize and re-use the user’s best photo capture and saving settings.

Ortery Capture introduces giant gains in 360 product photography. Ortery Capture boasts of being able to capture up to 720 images per 360 and the ability to capture at almost twice the speed as before. It also offers several new forms of video capture to go along with current eCommerce trends. Ortery 360 animations now load faster than ever before and responsive for optimizing product display on mobile and desktop platforms.

Regarding photography light control, Ortery Capture offers LiveLight capabilities where the user can move their mouse to automatically control the intensity of light coming from each light source, so products can always be shot in the best light.

Ortery Capture is currently available to all Ortery customers and works on both Mac and Windows.

Founded February 2003, with offices and distributors around the world, Ortery Technologies is the leading provider of product photography automation solutions.