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Ortery Lauches The ClothingPad Mini Plus Kits

Ortery Technologies proudly announces the worldwide release of the ClothingPad and ClothingPad Mini Plus Kits. This a new addition to their Clothing Pad line of solutions. These kits allow either ClothingPad solution to stand up vertically, permitting the vertical photography of mannequins, live models, handbags, shoes or other free standing items. The lights come off the ClothingPad and are placed on wheels, for flexible arrangement around the object being photographed. The three light system generates repeatable, professional results.

Similar to the normal ClothingPad solutions, Ortery’s photography software controls the lighting and connected compatible Canon or Nikon digital SLR camera to streamline the entire product photography process. Users of any skill level are able to take web-ready pictures on pure white or transparent backgrounds and immediately put them to use internally or for eCommerce photography.

In addition to taking still pictures in a vertical configuration, this new orientation opens the window to capturing interactive 360 degree product views and 360 video with the addition of a PhotoCapture 360 turntable. Now businesses can enjoy having one solution for all their flat and 360 clothing and fashion accessory photography.

ClothingPad_Plus_Kit_Example ClothingPad Mini Plus Kits

View a 360 PNG Example

«This breakthrough allows our customers to operate more efficiently to capture a broader range of product types and display styles» said Ortery Technologies, Managing Director, Sam Shearer. «The upgrade is simple. The system utilizes the same software and it takes about 30 minutes to go from a horizontal to a vertical configuration.»