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Ortery Releases 360 Product View Magnifier Feature in PhotoCapture 360 Software

Ortery offers a new Magnification tool. When viewing 360 product views, users can now magnify any portion of a product at any angle.

«It’s a huge benefit for our customers» said Sam Shearer, Managing Director, Ortery Technologies, Inc. «For eCommerce or business communication, magnification allows people to get up close and see all the details.»

The new magnification feature works in both Flash and HTML5 (mobile optimized) formats and comes standard in all PhotoCapture 360 and Photosimile 5000 software. While most magnifier tools force the user to see details in a small “fixed” circle or square, Ortery’s 360 product view magnifier tool gives the user control over the size of the magnified area on the fly offering a more comfortable and interactive experience.

360 product views with magnification capabilities in HTML5 and Flash are perfect for eCommerce, mCommerce, websites, product development, quality control, and daily business communication. Watch the video below to see the 360 product view magnification tool in action. Additional information can be found on or contact an Ortery team member at +1 (949) 859-5580 or at [email protected]. Just another reason why Ortery Technologies continues to be the industry leader in 360 and 3D product photography automation.