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Photography Speed and Accuracy Affects Your Ecommerce Business

Are you listing items on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Bonanza or your own web site? Are you still going through the painstaking process of adjusting lighting for each photo, shooting with your digital camera, connecting it to your computer to download, and then spending hours matching up photos with products, renaming files, cropping and editing? All ecommerce businesses online face these problems and need a soluton to better streamline, produce, and post thier products.


Jennifer Chadwick, Owner of give us her personal testimonial on how Ortery Technologies was the right solution for her.

«If you’re an online seller like us, you need to try Ortery’s Photosimile studio and remote capture software solutions.

We operate the internet’s largest vintage clothing store, with over 30,000 unique items on our site at any given point in time. We take photos of over 2,000 items per month. We have been using Ortery’s Photosimile 50 for the past 4 years and have taken over 100,000 product photos with this application. We have the ability to shoot all smaller items (under 20 x 20 x 20») inside the Photosimile 50 studio which provides perfectly balanced lighting that ensures consistent, professional grade results every time. For the larger items we shoot external to the studio, we still take advantage of the Photosimile DSLR remote capture software to control the entire image capture/processing workflow. All camera setting adjustments can be done quickly from within the software without having to touch the camera.

No more adjusting lighting for each item — with a click of the mouse, the Photosimile DSLR remote capture software allows you to adjust all camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, white balance, sensitization, exposure & flash) making lighting adjustments unnecessary. Even better, these changes are reflected in real-time so we know how the end result will look before we even capture the image!

The ability to quickly crop the image while in «live view» before taking the photo is an imperative feature that saves our business countless man hours in post production.

Additionally, the image processing tools allow us to assign a filename (in our case to match our part numbers), resize and watermark (batch processing options available) in just seconds.

We use our Canon DSLR with excellent results. We’ve tried several other remote capture applications however none had the workflow necessary for high volume photography that we found in Ortery’s Photosimile software. With their tools, we were able to cut our already fast setup and photo process time in half. For us, this adds up to a savings of over 120 hours per month in increased productivity and reduced labor costs. Ortery’s software has increased our production photography speed and accuracy and has saved us over $15,000 each year.

We would strongly recommend Ortery’s Photosimile studios and remote capture software to any business who has high volume photography requirements for selling online. It is the truly the ultimate tethered shooting tool.

Keep up the great work Ortery!»

RustyZipper.Com was the first online clothing store when they launched in 1995. With over 30,000 unique items for sale on thier website, they are still by far the largest vintage clothing resource on the web. Oregon based RustyZipper.Com features authentic unique vintage clothing from the 1940s through 1980s for men and women. They also feature the world’s largest selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters.