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Take the Best Product Shots and Make the Sale

Product shots – If online competition is based on the following factors, which is most important?

  1. Location
  2. Product Photography
  3. Product Description
  4. Price

With comparative shopping sites, location benefits are minimized as similar products are placed side-by-side. Since each product is the same, eloquent product descriptions do little to persuade a customer to purchase in one place or another. While there’s no doubt that price is a large determinate, a great product shot can often trump a low price, especially when companies unfamiliar to the buyer are competing for the sale.

Picture quality makes a huge difference in eCommerce success. People are visual and providing great pictures online creates a perception that can transcend the other factors. This is especially true on eBay where the anonymity of the market makes the visual component of the sale even more important.

«Each year we sell millions of dollars of jewelry on eBay and it’s our experience that a marginal product shot of a great product will not sell nearly as well as a great picture of a mediocre product» said Tracy Janick, Raefield Designs, eBay Platinum Powerseller. «This is not only true on eBay, it applies to our eCommerce efforts as a whole.»

For years Rayfield Designs has used Ortery’s Photosimile 200, a computer-controlled desktop photography studio, to take professional product shots of their jewelry. Photosimile gives anyone the ability to take professional-quality product shots. It’s simple and fast. If you want to take your website imaging to the next level and really obtain a competitive advantage, reconsider all of your options.