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The Next Generation of Office Imaging at CES 2015

With more than 14 years of photography automation experience and holding more than 100 patents worldwide, Ortery Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that the 3D MFP is still considered the next generation in office imaging by it’s visitors, vendors, and customers at the International CES 2015 show. The 3D MFP was showcased at the CES 2015 show with it’s latest updates from it’s laucnh at CES 2014.

The 3D MFP is an all-in-one solution for capturing and sharing object. It offers a simplified and standardized way for office employees to photograph, edit, annotate, print, save, email, create 3D models and communicate about objects.


Featuring a computer-controlled dimmable LED lighting environment, a real-time camera preview, Canon T5i dSLR camera, automated camera positioning, tilt and zoom, a built-in transparent turntable powerful workflow software and 3D modeling capabilities the 3D MFP can output professional still, 360 and 3D product views as well as 3D models with colorful texture maps. Perfect for business photography needs, the 3D MFP produces content ideal for web, print and daily business communication «Keep the 3D MFP next to the copier or move it to a specific department to create high quality one-off or high volume product shots and 3D modeling,» said Sam Shearer, managing director of Ortery Technologies, Inc. «3D MFP is the culmination of Ortery’s patents and experience to date. Our goal is to provide an office photography solution that is walk-up, push-button simple that yields professional photography results.»

3D MFP is Complete System from Beginning to End

The ease of use with Ortery’s turnkey workflow process allows anyone, no matter their photographic experience, the ability to capture business ready images for multiple uses including 3D models for virtual reality and texture mapping, 360 degree product views and video capture, as well as still shots on pure white or transparent backgrounds. In addition, the 3D MFP provides the following benefits to users:

  • Standardized Process – Ortery’s automated image capture for stills, 360 and 3D allows for synchronized picture taking with turntable movement to streamline image capture at multiple camera positions. This workflow method increases productivity as variables are eliminated in the automation process. The end results are professional grade images taken quickly and accurately, photos of products on pure white or transparent backgrounds (no photo editing required), and image content available for 3D modeling with BOB Capture™ software and cloud hosting.
  • Reliable Solution – With a standardized process comes the comfort of knowing that Ortery’s 3D MFP produces efficient and consistent photo content every time. Dimmable LED lighting, built-in compatible camera, transparent photography turntable, a patented camera positioning system and TruView 3D software (for deep zoom, image tagging, audio, hyperlink and auto demonstration capabilities) allows for dependable results.
  • Simplicity – The 3D MFP includes various software workflows that allow for the least amount of steps required to achieve the necessary results. Software controls the camera, automates the turntable movement, provides photo editing capabilities, composes interactive animations (TruView 3D), creates professional 3D models and colorful texture maps (BOB Capture), and overlays 3D models with high resolution photos to yield photorealistic and measurable results (VR for 360) that are easy to use and only require a couple of clicks in Ortery’s 3D MFP.
  • Saves Time and Money – Ortery’s 3D MFP is truly an office photography machine solution. By simplifying workflows and offering reliable and automated processes, businesses can save time and money in productivity and speed to market.

With photography automation and workflow optimization as driving forces behind Ortery’s creative process, Ortery is committed to introducing the latest innovations and technologies that can help businesses communicate more effectively and efficiently.