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Make Your Jewlery Photography Look and Feel Beautiful

Product photography should be the number one or at least high up on your list when it comes to running your jewelry business. As a jewelry retailer or reseller, you make jewelry look and feel beautiful. Yet, how can you accomplish that with just a picture? Without shoppers being able to touch and handle your items, your product pictures need to be the best they can be to give them that experience.


1. Light Source

The color, placement, and direction of the lighting all matter when it comes to jewelry.
a. Having a bright white light in the background makes the piece of jewelry stand out more.
b. With the right setting on your camera, it can even provide an illuminating effect on diamonds or other gems that have a lot of angle cuts.
c. Prevent shadows from the camera, especially if you are taking a picture from the top

2. Background

Avoid dark or black backgrounds. Ideally aim for a white background. This also makes it easier if you want to edit the image for effects and be able to remove the background for a png file.

3. Placement


  • Have the camera close to the object to capture as much detail as possible. Trying to focus on a small object from a long distance can cause the image to blur, not give it the right effect, and most of all most cameras have a hard time adjusting to small images from afar.
  • Make you camera stationary. Use a tripod to make sure there is minimal movement when you are taking the picture


a. Set your piece of jewelry in a stationary position.
b. Based on feedback from Ortery Technology customers, using a white acrylic stand works the best. Clear stand can cause a glare, reflections, and may not give you the results you are looking for.
c. If you have a white background and base then using opaque prop wax will also keep the piece of jewelry stationary.


4. Lightbox
There are various qualities, types, and materials used to create lightboxes. On average a simple lightbox provide you a decent image. Yet for high quality and professional image for retail or documentation purposes you would need to find a high-end solution such as the one provided by Ortery Technologies. Here at Ortery we offer 3D Photobench 60. This product not only takes care of the basics but provides you with an all in one solution to your jewelry photography needs.

There are a few reasons why you may not be bringing in the profits you desire. One of the biggest mistakes that we see people in the jewelry industry doing is taking poor quality pictures and not providing the user experience a buyer is looking for. Detailed, clean, clear, not too dark, multiple angles, or 360 videos are all what makes your product stand out. After a shopper looks at all the pictures and video, they should feel like they have picked up the item and looked it over, and ready to make the purchase. Be sure to take into consideration all of the factors in this article into your jewelry photography workflow.