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What Attracts New And Repeat Customers To Ortery

Having a large client list, especial one that is made up of many Fortune 500 companies is not achievable by many. Ortery Technologies, an industry leader of patented photography automation solutions, is proud to announce new and repeat customers Nike, Nestle, Disney, and Eastern Skate Supply


Ortery was able to maintain and attract such clients because we provide the right solution to these companies. Large and small business’ utilize Ortery photography automation tools for the following applications:

eCommerce & Web Photography
Ortery’s solutions are designed to accommodate high volume product photography. Each solution creates professional grade images fast and efficiently in-house, regardless of experience.

Product Design/Development
Ortery studios aide in design/development and quality control imaging. The controlled lighting environment provides the ideal environment for obtaining consistent photo results over time so visual standards can be established and maintained. Ortery 360 and 3D imaging solutions provide multiple views with deep zoom and image tagging to facilitate quick online sharing and collaboration.

Business Communication
Multiple tools and features are available in Ortery products that optimize product photography workflows and ease of use. A high quality image or interactive product view can increase communication effectiveness and efficiency.

Office Photography Machine
In addition to the top of the line 3D MFP studio, Ortery offers several studios that can be used as a one stop solution for all internal imaging needs. Machines can be set up in a centralized location of the office and anyone is able to walk up and instantly capture professional quality images for any application.

3D Modeling

  • Product Digitization
  • 3D print
  • Publishing to the web
  • Export models in standard formats (OBJ, STL, 3DS and more) for use in 3D viewing and editing programs (CAD/CAM, Maya)
  • Product Visualization, Reverse Engineering, Quality Control, Product Development / Design
  • Incorporate models into virtual and rendered 3D scenes
  • Mobile Augmented Reality
  • Users can Link to to host and deploy 3D models in the cloud

Ortery is able to maintain such a track record with great customer service, free and unlimited tech support, and updating and keeping all our products in tune with the latest technologies. Being an industry leader requires you exceed the industry standards.