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What is ISO or Light Sensitization In Your camera?

ISO is an acronym for International Standards Organization. This is the main governing body that standardizes sensitivity ratings for the image sensor inside digital cameras. ISO is a term that was carried over from the days of film photography. With today’s new imaging technology, digital cameras have the ability to take a picture then change the ISO setting to adjust for lighting conditions then immediately take another picture. When film was used you could not change the ISO until your roll of film was finished.


Film uses a specific ISO                            Digital Camera can Change ISO on the fly

When adjusting the ISO on your camera you are adjusting the camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. ISO numbers range from 50 up to and beyond 6,400. A lower ISO setting makes the camera less sensitive to light while a higher ISO increases sensitivity. Combined with shutter speed and aperture, ISO is one of the main three factors that determine exposure. Finding the right balance between these three settings is the key to getting the perfect exposure in your pictures.


                                        ISO – 100/ Clear                                            ISO – 1000/ Example of Noise in the Shadows

Suggested ISO Settings

Low or high ISO setting can be used in different lighting conditions, to solve practical issues or to artistically create different effects. Here are some rules of thumb:

Higher ISO is used in low light situations when using a long zoom lens or in fast action sports photography to stop motion. In general, the higher the ISO the more noise you will have in your pictures. Noise will appear everywhere in the picture, but it is most obvious in the shadows. Some people add noise to their photos on purpose for artistic effect.

When photographing products, clothing or models in a continuous light studio or when using studio strobes, best practice is to use an ISO that is low; ISO 100 or 200 to achieve maximum image quality with little or no noise.

For 3D Modeling using photogrammetry techniques, use ISO 100.

ISO options for Light Conditions and Application


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